Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do You Know What Day It Is?

Can you feel that briskness in the air?  Yup, times are a changing.  You know what that means....the 2014 Reenie Rose calendars are here!  Who says it's too early to get a jump start on 2014 and your holiday shopping?  Not I!  Take a look at these beauties all ready to go:

So here are 12 free ideas for these calendars and who to give them too (one for each month of the year).  You can thank me later:

1.  Stocking stuffers (obviously)
2.  Hanukkah surprise....there are a lot of gifts to give for that holiday.
3. your appreciation with a lil something.  This will have them coming back in the new year!
4.  Gift baskets...they are the perfect backdrop to your holiday cookies.
5.  City employees (i.e. postal worker, garbage man, newspaper deliverer)....they need to know when to pick up and drop off.
6.  Household employees...cause some people have them (i.e. nanny, cleaning lady, babysitter)
7.  Co-workers...shows your excitement to work with them in the upcoming year.
8.  Your employees....bonus checks fit perfectly inside the cellophane wrapper.
9.  People who deserve a thank you....nurses, dog groomers/walkers, your accountant, front door attendee
10.  Teacher gifts....HELLO!  They don't need another apple ornament or something your kid made (only you can appreciate those things).
11.  Hostess know you'll be attending some holiday parties this year where a bottle of $12 wine is soooo typical.
12.  Secret Santa...$20 limit...done and done!
13.  Bonus...Yourself!  Don't forget to get at least one for you (or every room in your house).

There you have it folks.  Calendars are available for $18 a piece unless you purchase 6 or more...then they are only $15 each!!

So, tomorrow's my birthday, and I only mention this because I have 200 calendars to sell and know that some of you may be looking to get me an awesome gift.  Purchase a calendar or 6 of them and consider my gift checked off your list.  No, really...

Now, who are you giving a calendar to this year?  Most thoughtful giver could win an extra free calendar for their generosity!  Spread the love and cheer!

*Calendar pricing does not include tax and shipping if it applies.

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