Friday, November 1, 2013

53 Days till Christmas

Wholly crap, it's November!  Where did October go?  No, seriously.  I love the month of October for many reasons, but it's over.  Poof.  Done.  I don't like this one bit, but alas, I must move on.

So, I guess the holiday season is upon us now.  I mean, November 1st kind of kicks it off, right?  Well it's a good thing, because I am stacking up some holiday items for everyone out there to get a headstart with.  You've already seen my calendars…but in case you haven't….

Even a preview of November 2014!
Calendars are only $18 each!

Another great gift idea this year are the Reenie Rose notecards.  Lots of beautiful sets available in quantities of 8 and 12 cards.

A set of 8 notecards is $16.00
A set of 12 notecards is $24.00
Each set comes with 4 different Reenie Rose paintings that are sure to brighten anyone's day!  

Do you need ideas on who to get these for?  Check back on THIS blog post with a whole supply of ideas!  You can email me now to place your order (
Your welcome.

**Prices do not include tax or shipping where applicable.**

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