Friday, January 17, 2014

Giving Lamps a New Light

It has been project central around this 800 square foot space of mine.  In an effort to give my space a mini facelift for the new year, The Everygirl feature and my own sanity, I've added quite a few things to my plate.  Consequently, I have a bunch of things to share with you!

With all of my projects, my focus has been keeping costs down and trying to reuse items I already have.  For instance, my sister got me these lamps years ago, and though I like them, they needed a little umph.

I got myself some silver acrylic craft paint and decided to change the material behind the wrought iron.  Talent is not needed for this project, and neatness can be kept to a minimal since I wound up having to clean every individual bar piece no matter how hard I tried not to get paint on it.  I applied quite a few coats of paint to get the desired opaque feel too (I noticed my paint job would look fine with the light off, but once they were switched on, everything was too streaky for my liking….thus multiple coats of paint).

Cute, right!?  Now they will go perfectly with my charcoal gray walls and fireplace.  Ah ah ah, saving that for the full reveal.  Up this weekend is painting my studio.  My color choice: First Blush.  It's on the pink side, so fingers crossed it doesn't end up looking like a cheesy baby girl's room.

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