Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christmas in Spring

Happy belated Easter!  I hope the weekend found you basking in the sun, enjoying good food and company.

With spring and the Easter holiday, life is starting to freshen up a bit, sprout something new and remind us of the brighter days ahead.  Delivering Kristen and Mark's painting was also like a "bud of new life" for me.    Finishing this painting kind of felt like winter after awhile.  It kept going on and on, and I couldn't believe how much time it was taking.  But then the delivery came.  Seeing the excited look on Kristen's face gave this painting and the process a whole new meaning.

I met Kristen and Mark over at Andrew's Garden to do the reveal.  What a reminder of spring!  The store was filled with color and sweet smells.

It doesn't hurt that I like to make receiving a painting feel like Christmas a little bit.

I love that all mouths are agape.

I'm looking forward to seeing Tonya's reaction photos from another angle.

This is my favorite.  Spring has sprung.  There is such amazement here.

So happy.

Being back at Andrew's Garden, delivering a painting that started with a love for flowers and my work made me want to start pulling at the buckets and putting together something new.  Onto a new season,  another painting and having my windows open regularly.

Here's some inspiration for you.  Who wants to customize their own painting with these beauties...

Big thanks to Andrew's Garden for all their help in making this painting possible.  Their support is unimaginable.
And, a gynormous thank you to Kristen and Mark for bringing my art to life in a way I had not yet experienced.  I'm forever grateful.

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