Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lisa and Marty's Bridal Shower…By Me

This past weekend and days leading up to it derailed all other projects on my list….it was my sister's bridal shower.  Being the crafty human being that I am, I wanted to have a heavy hand in the design and creation of this special day for my one and only sister.

You saw the invitation that set the tone:

Sticking to our champagne theme, circles were a huge part of the design, along with the wedding colors coral and sea foam.  In designing this shower, I learned something very pivotal that will stick with me for every project moving forward.  Are you ready?….Keep things simple.  Yeah, as much as you may want to go gang busters with a bunch of different things, your vision will be easier to understand and execute if it is streamlined to only a few things.  We had one game, simple centerpieces, a few banners that directed the guests, signage, three colors, and four fonts that I stuck to.   That's it.  Take a look:

Guests were greeted when they entered Tazza Italian Ristorante by a champagne bar.
The circle garland signage was easy to make too…circle cutter to cut circles, printed letters cut out and hot glued pretty twine to it.  Easy peasy.
3 different juices with complimenting fruit garnishes.
I created the labels that were tied to each of the juice carafes.
Gifts were brought unwrapped per the bride's request.  Who wants to waste time opening up gifts!  Save a tree!

Centerpieces were wine decanters to tie in the bubbly theme, and flowers were provided by the amazing Viviana of Petal Play Design.

Favors were a mini bottle of champagne with this cute baggy containing a lip balm and bath salts from Sweet Pea Floral in Ann Arbor, MI.

Guests were asked to sign a very large champagne bottle that mom painted dark gray. 

Something to open on their 1st anniversary!

I made these cute cards for our one and only game.

And mom put pics of the bride and groom in these glass hanging bubbles.

And together we had the game "What Age?" where guests had to guess the ages of the bride and groom in each picture. It was a total hit!

Another hit…the macaroons by Artesa Bakery!

Needless to say, the couple was very happy with the turnout of the day as were all of the guests. The food was amazing, the game was a hoot and I don't think anyone felt tortured by spending a Sunday afternoon at a bridal shower celebrating Lisa and Marty.



  1. It was a big hit! Thanks, Reenie for having a great vision and implementing it in a simple non hectic way which brought your sister so much happiness!

  2. Turned out so cute! I bet Lisa loved every detail :)

  3. Thank You so much for the pictures. Yes, I was feeling pretty bad. I really wanted to be there to. Getting better though.

    1. Thanks Rose! Your staff was amazing that day and everyone raved about the food. Couldn't have had it at a better location. Thank you for everything!!!

  4. The shower was absolutely perfect, Marty and I couldn't have been happier with everything! I have said it before and I will continue to say how incredibly talented you are! I am so lucky to have you be part of my day not only as my Maid of Honor but adding your beautiful creative touches. Love you! xoxo