Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FORM Recap and Painting Reveal

Inhale and exhale.  FORM has come and gone.  Inhale and exhale.  Kristen's painting is finished.  Inhale and exhale.  What's next?  Oh there are always more things lined up.

First off, let's recap FORM: ART + floral 2014 held at Room 1520.  Wow!  What an evening!  We had an amazing turnout and lots of funds raised for Snow City Arts.  We couldn't be prouder and more humbled by our team that made the whole event come together.  Big thanks to all of our sponsors:

The florists really pulled out all the stops on their creations this year, but it was all thanks to some amazing artwork selected by our curators, Marcela Andrade and Jeremy Kreusch.

More pics to come from Jennifer Kathryn Photography, but for now, here are a few amateur setup shots.

Flowers Flowers

Life Made Pretty

Kio Kreations

Fab Flora

Wild Orchid

Number two item up for release….Kristen and Mark's painting.  I finally finished it this weekend, and I could not be prouder of it.  Topping out at 79.25 hours (longest to date), I think this is the custom painting they were looking to have created.

Saturday is the delivery date for this perty piece  We are all meeting at Andrew's Garden for the reveal, and you bet I'll be documenting it!  Can't wait to share!

Onto my next projects….another painting, a bridal shower, a monogram sticker project, and some prints going up on the Etsy page!  Gotta get to work!!!

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  1. Your talent always amazes me and you would think as your mom I'd be used to it. Love this one!