Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Event #1- Spring Bridal Bash

The first two weeks of April are packed full of events and happenings for me.  It feels like I'm running a mini-marathon and each event is a mile marker....guess that means I'm only running a 4 mile marathon?  Eh, who's keeping count.  I guess the marathon challenge I'm giving myself is to blog about the event I will be participating in, and then write a "post event" blog the following day with info about the next event, and so on and so on.

The first event is tonight (Thursday) at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum from 5-8pm.  I will be painting on site during the event that will be featuring a slew of Chicago's top vendors.  LOLA Event Productions has put together a fantastic spread that includes a few of my favorite vendors:  Botanicals, Foodie Registry, Take the Cake and Toast & Jam.  

Click above to view the full invite
 I mentioned that I will also be painting at this event.  My new project is a gift for a couple that is very special to me.  Michael, the groom is a childhood friend of the family that is practically like a cousin to me, and Dani the bride is the sweetest girl I know....literally.  She is a baker in the St. Louis area that has started her own business creating custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  Being a part of the wedding industry is a special thing, and Sweet Pea's Cakes is certainly going to make it's mark as a go-to bakery vendor.

Back to the painting....Dani and Michael's bouquet painting is just sketched in, but painting starts tonight at the Spring Bridal Bash.  My plan is to have an update of the painting and event posted tomorrow.  Got my running shoes on and I'm hydrated....bring on mile one!! 

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