Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Event #4

The finish line is in sight...well, for now at least.  My final event for April is tomorrow (Thursday) at Weddings 826 from 5-7pm.  I've opted not to paint at this event due to my fear of being surrounded by so many WHITE dresses.  Though not a messy painter, I always seem to get paint somewhere; I just couldn't risk it.

This event is going to be lovely and full of all things floral.  Larkspur and Dilly Lily will be supplying the actual flowers while James Ciccotti shows off his bridal shoes and floral accessories, and we all taste treats by Flour Cake and Pastry.  I will be accompanied by a couple of my paintings that will hopefully draw in all the prospective brides attending.  I may name drop the 190 North gig here and there.  As a matter of fact, I'm going to drop it one more time on the blog for those that missed it.  Now you don't have to watch the whole show to see my gig....

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