Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Sunday

While all of Chicago was out and about enjoying the beautiful 80 degree day yesterday, I was continuing my marathon run...indoors.  Do not take this as a bad thing.  I was among some warm, sunshiny people that made painting indoors rather enjoyable.

April Event #2 found me at Christine Noelle Designs for their Bridal Bouquet Trend Show.  Look at the lovely setup they had with treats from Sarah's Pastries & Cookies.
Painting inside really wasn't so bad either since I was flooded with sunshine while sitting in the window.  I've never had such good lighting to paint with at an event before!

Love my new little promo pieces.  They are flower pens!

Big thanks to Leslie, Tori and Christine for their support and kindness throughout the event.  You ladies were a complete delight!

April Event #3 is out in the world now.  Yes, my 190 North episode aired last night and couldn't have been any better.  If you missed it, I know it will eventually be available for viewing on the 190 North website.  Thank you to everyone that has sent their praises to me already.  The compliments have raised my feelings about the whole thing from nervous and embarrassed to completely proud.  Yay!  Taking Reenie Rose to the next level!

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