Monday, February 27, 2012

An Oscar for Reenie Rose

Am I the only one that gets incredibly emotional watching the Oscar's?  I'm not talking about the red carpet walking and fashion analysis.  No, I'm referring to the heartfelt speeches, the nostalgia that runs rampant throughout the evening and the acknowledgement of one's achievements.  I seriously get misty-eyed.

I had my own mini Oscar moment this past weekend at the event I participated in at The Drake Hotel.  Ok, so for me it may be as close as I get to an "Oscar moment", but it did involve some flattery in a spotlight surrounded by my peers.  I was able to complete Vicky and Tom's painting for this event, and I was graciously honored for this in a way I would have never expected possible.  Vicky and her mom, Tita, flew from Dallas to see their completed painting and (most of all) meet me in person!  How sweet is that?!!!  Another very strong showing that I have the best clients ever!  I mean really, how many people have a client that is willing to fly almost 1,000 miles to just to meet them in person!?  Well, I do.

I gave my Oscar-ish speech of thank you's and was rewarded with compliments that went beyond a little gold man statue (though I wouldn't mind having one of those to place on display in my bathroom).  I cannot thank Vicky and Tita enough for making a painter from Chicago feel so special.  I'd also like to thank the Academy (my schooling), my peers (the whole wedding industry) and my parents (my parents).

For an after party, Mom and I headed over to The Palm Court in The Drake for some afternoon tea.  You know us Reenie Rose girls party hard!!!


  1. That must have been the best feeling ever Loreen! That painting is gorgeous

  2. You deserve it! Enjoy every minute of it! We need a date! I'm going to next thursday therapy, maybe then :)

  3. Well deserved Oscar Moment! Every painting
    reveals another masterpiece. I can only imagine the wonderful treasures that will fill
    your lifetime achievements. Much success in 2012 and the years ahead!

  4. What an awesome experience! That's so sweet and the painting's so beautiful!! Many more awesome clients to come in your future!

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind words. It was a really awesome feeling and one that I hope will keep coming my way!