Friday, February 10, 2012

So Full.

I can't believe it's Friday already.  This week has flown by in a flurry of business analysis and food.  I'll get to the food later, but down to business first.

Mom and I attended The Simple Plan workshop hosted by the ladies at Sage Wedding Pros this week.  We were lucky enough to spend two full days soaking up piles of business advice among an inspiring group of wedding professionals at the lovely Ritz Carlton downtown.  Operations, marketing, and financials were the main topics of discussion, but so much more was learned through breakout sessions and stories of personal experience.  The result of these two somewhat grueling days (the food provided by the Ritz definitely helped ease everything).....I am a luxury business determined to bring you luxury paintings!  Get ready!

Our lunchtime view from the Ritz
This business "retreat" really put a lot of details into prospective, primarily that I just need to paint.  So, painting is what I shall do.
I have started Vicky and Tom's painting.  I'm already loving these bursts of oranges and reds!  Makes the winter outside seem a little bit warmer.

Finally, the food.  I am a big foodie and feel the need to mention that besides business, food played a large part of each and every day this week.  Though I think a cleanse may need to take place in my near future, I would highly recommend each and every one of these fine dining experiences:

Monday- Breakfast at the Bleeding Heart Bakery; Sushi dinner at Yuzu for my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday Lisa!
Tuesday- Breakfast, lunch, snacks (awesome popcorn bar), and dinner at The Ritz.  I kind of want to live there.
Wednesday- Breakfast and lunch at The Ritz again (note that lovely view); dinner at Pelago in the Raffaello Hotel for Mom's birthday.  Happy birthday Mom!!!!
Thursday- dinner at an event called Divine Dine + Wine featuring restaurants in the West Loop.  I would recommend every single one.
Friday- cold cereal.  A girl needs to give her stomach a break!

Highlight of the food fest...getting a snapshot with celebrity chef Anne Burrell!

Gotta keep up with me these days....things are exciting!!!

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