Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Memories

Happy Memorial Day folks!  How lucky are we to have such a beautiful day?!
I feel even luckier to have spent it up at my most favorite place in the cottage in Wisconsin.  You really can't beat good good weather, good people and good food.  It is definitely a special place....I mean, look what we ate for dinner!

One of my most thrilling parts of the weekend was the chance to finally sit down with my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and flip to my little shout out.  Yes!!  You heard right... I'm in this summer's issue of Martha Stewart Weddings!!!!

I'll be honest, it came as a complete surprise to hear that Reenie Rose graced the pages as the perfect solution to preserving a bouquet.  I mean, I know that it is, but to have Martha telling everyone and their mother to go out and have their bouquet painted is a complete honor.  I feel that special thanks should be made to the editor in chief, Darcy Miller, for remembering me from our meeting back in February in New York.  Thank you Darcy!

Here is the snippet from page 178 with my "Ask Martha" question and answer:

If you can't read this then for heaven's sake....go out and get yourself a copy!  Share the fabulousness with everyone around you.

Again, Happy Memorial Day!  Don't forget to honor our military for keeping us safe and able to enjoy such a wonderful weekend with friends and family.
Stay tuned this week for some more exciting my intern, check out a new painting I am starting and other projects coming up!

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