Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reenie Rose Intern!

I've teased you long enough.  I'm thrilled to not only have one, but TWO interns working with me this summer!  The wheels are already turning in our noggins and plans are being made for Reenie Rose world domination.  Ok, baby steps.
Without further adieu, I introduce intern #1...Geena.  I promise she is not being referred to as #1 throughout the office...though it's not a bad idea....

Hi everyone!

My name is Geena and I am working for Reenie Rose as a marketing intern this summer! I was on the dance team all four years at Benedictine University and graduated this May with a Business degree.

I can't describe how passionate I feel about Loreen's work; she loves what she does and I love that about her and her company. I've been working for Loreen for the past week and we've come up with some new, exciting ideas that can help Reenie Rose grow nationally! I'm excited to continue my work with Loreen this summer!

Have a great week!


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