Friday, June 1, 2012

Jaclyn & David: A Sign of Summer

I'm really getting into the swing of summer projects, and I can't wait to share them with you.  First up, a new painting!  This one delights me to no end for a couple of reasons....the biggest one being that it is a group gift that includes some very close friends of mine.  It truly means so much to me when friends think of Reenie Rose as their gift option.  There are a lot of vases on registries and easy checks to be written, so when someone chooses me over all else, the support is magnified.

You'll remember Brian and Rachel's painting that I gifted to them a while back:

Well, they are paying it forward with a gifted painting to Rachel's brother, David, that just got married.  Check out this colorful burst of summer in Jaclyn's hands:

Image provided by Shutters Photography

As simple as an all rose bouquet can be, the colors in this one give it soooo much personality.  I'm really looking forward to starting this piece and watching it just brighten up flower by flower.

The composition was up for debate among the group, so they left it up to me to pick.  Really, vertical or horizontal, they are the same composition.  So, I ask you: which way would you hang this piece?  I am going to paint it vertically, but when it comes to hanging it up, it really could go either way.  I'd like to hear what you think about this. 

Let's get it started!

Nice to see the sun peaking out in time for the weekend.  Happy Friday everyone!

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