Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Hi everyone!

This past week, I researched wedding gift ideas and came across "The Top 5 Wedding Gifts" and one of the five ideas caught my eye: GET PERSONAL.

Giving a personal gift to the bride or groom can mean more than any of the other gifts they received. The bride and groom will appreciate the thoughtful idea you have come up with to symbolize the start of their life together. Whether you buy such a wedding gift on your own or you organize other guests to chip in, you'll all be creating a memory the bride and groom will never forget.

Everywhere I look, I can see how Loreen's paintings fit perfectly in the "GET PERSONAL" category for wedding ideas. Whether it's a gift from the bridesmaids or a keepsake the bride and groom invest in after the ceremony, it's a perfect idea that can create a meaningful, lifetime memory.

In other news, Loreen finished a gorgeous oil painting of Abra's bouquet and it is easily one of my favorites! Reenie Rose was mentioned by Hello Darling in their recent post comparing the incredible oil painting versus the original wedding bouquet side by side. The comparison of the two is incredible; It's nearly impossible to tell them apart!  A big thank you to the ladies at H.D. for sharing some Reenie Rose with their viewers.

See for yourself the unbelievable work created by Loreen!

Loreen's artistic creations always find a way to leave me in awe!

~ Geena

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