Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary Alana & Ben!

I'm sitting out on my balcony, basking in the sun which is reminding me of another June 6th that was just as beautiful.  Three years ago, Alana and Ben were married in a gorgeous ceremony followed by a reception at Galleria Marchetti.  Not only was I an attendee at the wedding, but I actually did the day of coordination so that everything went smoothly for the couple....which, it did.
Take a look at some of my handy work...

Place card table with family photos

Rose petal aisle designed by moi
Ah, I loved that aisle.
Now, three years later, Alana and Ben are still blissfully married and living in New York City with a new addition to their family....Noa!!  Born this April, Noa is already bringing so much joy to everyone's lives.  She has even inspired me!  Check this out:

I can see a new branch of Reenie Rose forming.... Reenie Rose painting + baby = Anne Geddes inspired photo ops.  My marketing tool could be for couples to purchase a painting for their children's future photo backdrop.  Hey, could work.  I think Noa looks pretty darn cute on mommy and daddy's painting.  Remember it?
Bouquet arrangement by Lange's Woodland Flowers in Lemont

Thanks Alana and Ben for creating a cute baby for such a lovely painting.  Happy anniversary to you!!!

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