Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To Have and to BHLDN

 Any amount of time spent at Chicago's BHLDN store is such a special treat.  I seriously would like to just campout there for a nice long week to take in all of the pretty little details that I scour over when I visit.  For now I will just have to accept small doses since I would likely be kicked out if someone saw me curled up in one of their luxurious dressing rooms.
Last night I had a fix at the Everygirl launch party hosted by BHLDN.  I felt like I was at a big girls tea party complete with dress up.  Ok, so there wasn't any tea, but a fabulous cocktail by Femme du Coupe and no dress up bins, but fanciful frocks were all around (all of the employees were wearing signature BHLDN dresses).

Revae of Femme du Coupe serving up deliciousness!

My FORM co-hostess, Kristine, and her co-worker, Jamie, all dressed up in BHLDN

BHLDN was dabbled with flowers by none other than the fabulous Hello Darling

Cupcakes provided by Sprinkles.  I'll admit...I had 2.

Loving these dresses for summer
I definitely think this is the entrance to heaven...see the light at the end of the tunnel?

     Ah, a beautiful evening.  Luckily, I will be returning to this retreat on Sunday for a cute Mother's Day event from 12-6pm.  Stop by and see mom and me doing our thing.  I'll be working on this number there as well...

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