Monday, March 3, 2014

Andrew's Garden for Kristen's Painting

It's happened….another painting is on my easel!  I love the story of this one….kind of because it ISN'T a wedding bouquet.  Here's the story:

I met Kristen and her family at the anniversary event while I was painting at The Dress by Nicole last month.  She was actually shopping for a dress for her daughter's confirmation when she stopped to admire my work.  She tried to recall her wedding bouquet from years ago, but couldn't pinpoint the look of it.  We talked a bit more about my work, she continued around the store and left…and then she came back.  Wedding album and family in tow, she declared that she did not like her wedding bouquet but loved my work and wanted me to paint something for her.  Nearing the end of the event and being in a prime location, I had her meet me over at Andrew's Garden to put together a bouquet for her.

Needless to say, Andrew and I were like two kids in a candy shop with this new project.  He played the florist while I art directed, and together we came up with an amazing arrangement.

Andrew's Garden is such a perfect place to put together an impromptu, fresh group of florals.  It felt like we were at some Parisian flower market picking something out to enjoy for the day.  Kristen was thrilled with the process too and was able to choose from a variety of blooms out on display.

With Andrew's wife Tonya at that camera, we worked a photo shoot like no other.

The result was the perfect arrangement created for Kristen's painting.  She loves the colors, textures and types of flowers included….and she is going to love this painting.

This will be my first non-wedding bouquet to paint in years.  I'm pretty excited about it since it means that Kristen really admired my talent before admiring the concept behind what I do.  This is much more than just a bouquet of flowers.
Let the painting begin!!!

*Be sure to follow along with the process and get some exclusive detail shots via my Instagram feed (loreen_rose).

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