Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chalkboard Art for Every Occasion

I've started to add a bunch of other projects onto my plate to continue to build my portfolio.  One of the most popular uses of my talents lately has been with chalkboard artwork.  I'm really loving these projects due to my secret infatuation with different fonts.  I totally geek out on cool fonts and love hand lettering….so much so that I recently took a class with Jilly Ink too.  Her skills are what I aspire to have a fraction of some day.  For now, these results will have to do:

Photo courtesy of Amanda Hein Photography

Photo courtesy of Violet and Pearl Vintage Revival

This was from the wedding I did last November for a client of mine.  Frame is from Violet and Pearl.

Tray provided by Violet and Pearl.

I am loving this idea for a child's birthday party.  Each year do another board and compare!

Weddings, birthdays or special events, it's so easy to fit in a little something personal with a piece of chalkboard artwork.  Contact me anytime to start your special project!

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