Tuesday, March 18, 2014

D.I.M.- Tray End Tables

After posting about my DIM (Did It Myself) mirrored coffee table project that you can view here, I really thought I had shared my proudest homemade project.  I'm torn now.  This one is right up there in my level of pride.  I guess it's like choosing a favorite child….how can you choose (easy, the first born is the fave, wink wink).

In the midst of my home makeover, I was also searching far and wide for a couple of end tables.  The end tables I was sporting were actually tv trays…..high-end wooden ones, but tv trays non the less.

Classy, right?

Once again, I searched and searched for some inexpensive, size appropriate, storage capable end tables without any luck.  I really didn't want to spend $200 on a couple of tables, but then I came across this pretty piece from West Elm…..

I loved that I would be able to move it around and mosey it right up to my couch if I wanted to.  The problem was that they are $179 a piece.  I just couldn't swing that.  Upon closer examination, I noticed that the construction was simple.  I got that crazy twinkle in my eye, and my mom thought, "Oh crap.  Get the glue gun ready."

Better than a glue gun, I was buying pvc at Home Depot and elbow joints I would have never paid a second glance to before.  Plan A consisted of making a pvc version.  It would be lightweight and manageable.  I also wanted to change up the look by adding a bit of color and even more versatility.

I found these trays at Home Goods for $20 each and decided to paint them with a complimentary fushia.

I sanded them a bit so the paint would adhere better.

I wanted a high gloss look and bought this paint at Michaels for about $2.50 a bottle.

I mixed the 2 colors above to get a deeper color.  I didn't want shocking pink of course!
For the base, I purchased 3/4 pvc pipe and the elbow joints to match.  One tricky caveat….the 3-armed joint without scoring is not available in the hardware stores.  I had to purchase an attachment to make it compatible with the rest of the pieces.  Just be mindful that you are using 3/4 for all of the pieces.

I was able to cut the pipe with a hack saw to all of my desired lengths.

Then it is pretty much like a puzzle.
I used a couple of tools to make the process easier too…including a rubber mallet to make sure everything was fitted securely.

I wanted the pipe to have that metal look, so lucky for me, that comes in a can!

Now wait a second.  You might be saying, "Hey, that has 4 legs!"  Well, yes, it does.  Upon constructing the framework to replicate the original design inspiration, we discovered that the pvc just wasn't sturdy enough to for the "C" design.  I gave in and put 2 extra legs on.

This only meant one thing….time to try some other materials.

I ordered some 3-armed, galvanized steel joints online (4 for $36), bought some additional metal elbow joints and had Home Depot cut and score some 3/4 black pipe for me (first 10 cuts are free!).  Once again, another puzzle….

I spray painted this piece too to give it that overall uniform metal look…and to match the pvc piece.  Honestly, looking at the 2 of them, you'd never know that one is made of a different material.

I added a basket underneath my 4 legged table since this one would be stationary.  All it is is a file basket from Staples attached with some wire.

Originally, I was going to adhere the trays to the top of the framework.  I opted against this when I realized how having them removable made them so easy to clean.  The trays settle onto the framework perfectly making them fairly stable.

Here you can see how nicely the "C" table fits under and over my chair.

Overall, success!  I have 2 fully functioning tables that are customized to my space.  The pricing breakdown is different for each, but still under budget!

PVC table:
$3.00- 3/4 x 10' PVC pipe (2 pieces at $1.50 each)
$19.00- 3/4 fittings and adapters
$13.50- 2 bottles of Flat Metallic Spray Paint
$20.00- Wooden tray from Home Goods
$3.00- High Gloss Paint
Total- $55.50 or so

Metal table:
$21.60- 3/4 x 10' black pipe (with cuts)
$9.50- 3/4 galvanized steel 90 degree elbows
$36.00- 3/4 galvanized steel 3-sided fittings
$6.75- Flat Metallic Spray Paint
$20.00- Wooden tray from Home Goods
$3.00- High Gloss Paint
Total- $96.85 or so

2 tables for about $155!  That's over $200 savings!!!  These pieces are custom too…no one else has them…unless you want a set then that's another story.

Pretty great.  You can see why it's a toss up between my tables.  I kind of think they are all awesome.  It definitely has you looking at furniture differently when you think, "I could make that."  Oh dear….what have I gotten myself into?!