Monday, October 8, 2012

Dualing Paintings

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope the blast of fall air has given you a fresh start to the work week.  I'm feeling pretty motivated and keeping busy.  As a wise woman I know once said, "People are their least productive when they're 'busy', meaning they have a lot going on but not much is happening."  Well Ms. Anne marie, I can safely say that things are "happening".  In fact, two things are happening....I'm dual painting.  
I've been asked before if I ever paint multiple pieces at one time, and the answer is typically "no".  Currently I have taken on this mystery of multi-tasking in order to have a couple of visual options for my upcoming photo shoot with the lovely Jennifer Kathryn Photography.

Here is an update on Argentina and Jesse's ivory bouquet:

I put the brakes on this piece in order to start another with a little more color variation for my website photos.  I introduce to you the composition for Anna and Jason's painting:

Not only is this painting full of spring colors, but it is a doosy of a composition (who volunteered this image?).  This piece reminds me a lot of Rachel and Brian's painting...remember that one?:

I think it's the sunlight, color palette and those coveted peonies that make these compositions look like cousins of each other.  What do you think?

Back to the painting...
So, I've sketched in Anna and Jason's, resulting in a very advanced, oversized looking coloring book:

Lil bit crazy looking if you ask me.  Ah, but there's no time to think about that.  Next week is the photo shoot and I need to have half of this painting finished with maybe a little more on Argentina and Jesse's.  Back and forth I'll go with a few updates here and there for you.

For more extensive coverage on my progress, follow me on Instagram.  Yes, I have added another social media platform to my arsenal of getting the Reenie Rose word out to one and all.  You can find me under the username "Loreen_Rose".  Do you believe "ReenieRose" was already taken?  Who is this impostor and how do they paint?!
Not this crazy way I bet.

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