Friday, October 26, 2012

I Dabble in Other Things

A week ago today I was putting the final touches on the timeline for Kristen and Dave's wedding as their day of coordinator for their Sweetest Day wedding last weekend.  Mind you, day of coordination is something I tend to do as an assistant to the other fabulous planners in my wedding circle...not very often am I going solo for the day.  I've worked quite a few weddings with a couple of ladies this season and so admire the women I have had the honor of assisting.  After this past weekend though, I have a new found appreciation for everything they do.  For Kristen and Dave's wedding, I was only involved in the process for about 3 weeks in which everything was already planned out, and I just swooped in to coordinate the day and vendors for a smooth flowing event (according to my timeline).  For the months and years that planners spend putting every last detail together flawlessly, and thinking on their toes for everyone that special day (including myself...I just come in and do what I'm told), I commend you.  I ran around calmly all last Saturday while having a mini tornado in my head of thoughts and problem solving and a constant check list.
Bravo ladies, you are to be admired and commended for all that you take on during the course of planning.

Now for what I took on....
Getting the bride down the aisle

Florals by Michelle's Petal Designs
Cake by Bittersweet

The fabulous candy bar I put together at Pazzo's.

The day went off without a hitch and Kristen and Dave couldn't be happier.  I on the other hand, have invested in some new "day of" shoes for the next long wedding day.  My feet couldn't be happier.

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