Saturday, August 11, 2012

Artisan Wedding Fair

Oh happy weekend!  Can you feel the tease of fall in the air?  I don't think our 80 degree summer days are quite over yet, but it's nice to have a reprieve and peak into a season that, come September, most people welcome with open arms.  All this being said, it seems like perfect timing that I will be participating in a wedding fair tomorrow (Sunday).  Grab a cardigan and meet me out at the Lillstreet Art Center for their Artisan Wedding Fair.

I hope you'll join me at this amazing location where art is created, sold and inspired.  I was so impressed with my first visit there.
I still have 2 tickets to give away for free.  Leave a comment below with your email address to receive this special gift!

Also on view at this event....Maria and Alex's completed painting!  Here's a sneak peak, but you know that it is so much better to see in person!

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