Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Gift of a Painting

Last week I had the pleasure of making a special delivery to a client.  It seems like the last few paintings  I completed were either shipped out of town or delivered to the gift giver to present to the couple in which I received lovely emails stating how much everyone loved their painting.  It is not often though that I actually get to play the FedEx lady and see the reaction of my painting owners.

You've seen the progress of Maria and Alex's painting, but here's a little recap:

Beautiful May wedding

Complete Reenie Rose painting

Maria seeing her painting in person for the first time

It was so wonderful to sit and talk with Maria and her mother-in-law (the oh so generous gift giver) for awhile and hear all about the wedding and how Maria came to choosing her bouquet flowers.
My paintings are just paintings of flowers until they are connected to the couple....then they become so much more.  Anyone can paint flowers, but when you connect a couple's story to the final product, that's a Reenie Rose painting.
Thank you Maria and Alex for letting me document your wedding and to the groom's parents for your never-ending generosity.

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  1. The painting really looks beautiful..Lovely piece..