Friday, August 3, 2012

Preserving the Olympics

Week 1 of the Olympics has passed and I admit...I am an addict.  No, really.  I've downloaded an app on my phone so I can constantly stay up to date on metal count, the schedule and top news, I've stayed up way to late to watch every single highlight and race (even 3am one night so I could watch the prime time segment I missed earlier), I pride myself on fun facts and knowledge about the Olympians, and have even found myself fantasizing about which sport I would participate in in my imaginary Olympic future (rowing, swimming or equestrian).  So you can see, I have a problem.  Thank goodness this obsession will only have a two week shelf life....I need to get on with my productivity!

In an effort to combine my infatuation with my occupation, I started brainstorming.  Ok, if I can't become an Olympian in this lifetime, maybe I can somehow integrate what I do into this piece of history.  Had Chicago gotten the bid for 2016, you'd bet your bottom dollar I'd be out on the opening ceremonies stage all lit up in LED lights and dancing around or beating a drum, passing out metals and bouquets......wait.  Bouquets.  That's it!  That's what I do.  So I've distracted myself away from the Speedos and spandex to focus on the bouquets.  Have you seen them?

So pretty!  4,400 victory bouquets have been produced by London florist Jane Packer (whom actually passed away last year).  I love the four different roses being used in each quadrant: Illios (yellow), Marie Claire (orange), Wimbledon (green) and Aqua (pink).  Separating each set of roses are the very fragrant English lavender, rosemary, apple mint and wheat.  Made to look like the London 2012 logo and symbolize all the vibrancy the Olympics bring, my thoughts were brought to all the bouquets that will be left behind post games.  Flowers in customs are frowned upon.

Wouldn't a Reenie Rose painting be the perfect way to remember one's Olympic experience?!  Yeah, there's that whole medal thing that could be displayed, but imagine one of these paintings framed in the metal color of your success.

So I've altered my Olympic dreams a bit.  Maybe I won't marry Ryan Lochte or row over a finish line, but I could paint the flowers of London 2012 in a way that would make any Olympian proud to hang their victory on a wall....beside their medal of course.  Go U.S.A!!!

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