Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's in a Name?

Some of you may have noticed the lack of paintings on here recently while others may have forgotten that I actually write a blog post every now and then.  In all honesty, I'm in painting limbo.  I have a couple of clients in the wings that I am waiting to receive images from so I can get the painting party started.  In the meantime, this lack of artistry has given me time to focus more on the business side of things.  You may have heard the rumor going around town that I am updating my website....I declare this one true (the one about me having a unicorn as pet is untrue...only a magical kitty).

Updating a website is hard work, even when you've hired someone to do it for you.  With the lack of mind-reading that goes on in this world, you find yourself really having to use your words carefully to express what you truly want expressed.  From all this expressing comes a lot of self reflection and business reminiscing when you see how far you've come from that first painting your neighbor hired you to do.  Mom and I got to talking about the early days and how this whole Reenie Rose thing came about.  Something I get asked a lot is how I came up with the name Reenie Rose.  Well, I thought Mom would like to do a little explaining on that one since I'm soooo busy being a business woman right now and really, it was her doing naming me Loreen and all.  Plus, I thought it would be nice for y'all to hear from her and not me...though I've already done a fair amount of blabbing in this post.
Well, here's mom:

Oprah, Martha, Reenie Rose....
When you hear the name OPRAH your mind conjures up thoughts of success, favorite things, and riches. Just as the name MARTHA brings entrepreneurial thoughts of crafting, cooking and home decor. 
Reenie Rose is somewhat a combo of the two. She does have her favorite things and is an entrepreneur but her claim to fame is the joy she brings to clients through her art.
Reenie Rose was conceived by my daughter, Loreen Rose Hospodar, a self proclaimed flower child and art enthusiast at a very early age. As an infant she was thought to be nick named Lori after her aunt, for whom she was named. At age 3, however, her cousin, Lauren (Aunt Lori's daughter) couldn't pronounce Loreen so she called her Reenie. That Christmas Loreen declared that the name LORI on her Christmas stocking, was NOT her as she IS REENIE! As her dutiful mom and peacekeeper, I picked glittered letters off of her stocking and re-wrote history for my little girl, REENIE!
My budding young artist made me save her treasures of bags of birch tree bark, rocks, shells, and various non-usable trinkets in my basement because she could transform them into art some day, just like Martha. Who would have guessed that after years of dabbling in various art projects and majoring in art in college that this little artist would have her own business? 
REENIE ROSE was born and has grown to be many a bride's choice for bridal bouquet preservation. To see the joy and elation a Reenie Rose painting brings to the couple is reason enough to feel successful. As her "marketing mom" I feel unmeasurable pride with every blog post, magazine mention (Martha Stewart Summer 2012 page 178), tv appearance (190 North) and finished masterpiece my Reenie accomplishes. 
To look at an exquisite oil painting on canvas of expertly detailed flowers and to have someone recognize that THAT painting IS a REENIE ROSE is this woman's (and her little girl's) dream come true.
Yep, right up there with Oprah and Martha.......Reenie Rose......a girl can dream, right?

Team Reenie Rose

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  1. Umm, LOVE THIS. Those photos of you and Mom are classic. Team Reenie Rose rocks! xo